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Groped In a Pub
I always loved going out pubbing and clubbing, so it was a Friday night and me and my male friend, went to a bar in the town, I had on my strappy top, which looks much better without a bra and a tight skirt. Like most Friday nights the bar was very full, so we decided that I would go to get the drinks as a woman has more chance of being served if she is flirty like me lol.
Anyway I pushed my way thru the crowded bar and waited to get served when; I suddenly felt a pair of hands on both my breasts. I turned around to see a guy in his 40’s smiling and says, “Beautiful pair of tits you have got there”. I thought cheeky bastard, but he said “here let me buy you a drink”, I said “you can buy my male friend a drink too”, he agreed for another grope, I admit was slightly turned on so let him do it. My friend was confused when I returned with the extra drinks, but I told him the barman made a mistake.

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  • It’s too hard to resist, if I see a nice pair of tits bobbing around freely under a thin top I would just have to have a good feel of them or pinch the nipples

    Anonymous March 16, 2018 3:46 pm Reply

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