• 2 weeks ago

I wasn’t going to post this at all but I decided to. In the small chances it might help someone out there. Here goes:

I am a 35 year old, attractive, white male living in the mid-west United States. Ex-Drug Addict (Opiates and Xanax) and got around 2 years and 16 days clean.
I was in a horrible marriage with a toxic woman for 6 years. She had literally 0 redeeming qualities other than the fact she was free-use. Literally the only thing she ever done for me. I was strung out for about 3 years of our marriage. I started to get clean and I realized how much of a piece of shit this woman was. She was a liar, a cheater, a slob (definition of white trash), whiny, a yes-woman, fat, lazy, had the mind of a 16 year old it seemed (She is currently 32), lacks empathy for anyone (The list goes on). I did not realize how horrible she was until I started sobering up. I realized I had 2 kids with this horrible shitbag of a woman and started taking XanaX to try to cope with her. She was only my wife when she was in the room with me. She went home and all bets were off. I had to change the wifi password at my house (if she was going to be a whore then she could do it at home). So I finally decided to leave her and I seen her from time to time when I wanted to see my kids then I ended up going to jail for the first time 2 years ago. I got out and decided to never touch drugs again.

The reason I am typing all of this, is because I haven’t had any decent female attention in years (at the time of going to jail). I got out of jail and sobered up once more and when I hit about a year and my brain was starting to really heal I decided to start looking for someone new. I didn’t really look too hard (I lacked confidence. Hadn’t built it yet.) 6 months go by and I meet a girl at my rehab center. I had never met her because we normally went a two separate times but the one time I show up early in the morning I meet her. She is sort of clingy (even right off the bat which was a bad sign). But me so starved for companionship she offered me sex that day and I took it. We had sex and she got my number etc. I felt much better to get my pent up sexual energy released. The feeling for companionship drastically reduced. Apparently I was just needing to get laid. I could of easily gotten phone numbers all day long from Women, but at the time I didn’t know this. My self-esteem and my confidence was shot.

A few months go by and suddenly I have my confidence back. Me and this girl (Let’s just call her Jane from now on) ended up “dating”. What really happens is we just show up to meet each other and we fuck like crazy.

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