• 2 weeks ago

I used to talk to this guy. A few months ago, my best friend told me that he had been dating an underaged girl. He was 19 and she was 16 years old at the time. From what my best friend told me, he had confessed to all of his friends that he had been dating this underaged girl basically. When I learned about this I immediately asked him if this was true, to which he said to me that it was. He ended up apologizing to me, wanting to fix everything with everyone that he knew for what he did.
My best friend was upset that I accepted his apology when I told them about it. We had a rough friendship, me and the guy, to the point where he would constantly apologize to me without changing his actions towards me. And of course my best friend knew about it all since I had told them. This is one of the things I feel guilty for. My best friend turned out to have an issue with him and this was one of the reasons why they were upset at me. After a while of talking to this guy, he started to gaslight me at first and proceeded to lie about dating an underaged girl. He got upset at me for no reason, claiming that she was actually 4 years older than him and just sounded like she was 16 years old. I was tired of the way he kept treating me, so I left him without saying anything, unfriending him on all of the socials I had him added on.
I told my best friend what happened afterwards. I don’t know if they are still upset at me for what I did or is no longer upset because I stopped talking to him. I wish that I had never accepted his lame apology or even talked to him.

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