• 2 weeks ago

I still love my abusive ex. I don’t know how I still love him he was horrible he would scream and yell at me every day until I had a panic attack and then just leave me alone hyperventilating on the ground. It’s been over a year now I have a boyfriend now and I still think about him every single day.I don’t miss the abuse I miss how sweet he could be how kind and how much of a gentleman he was I miss laughing with him sleeping next to him.My boyfriend now is nothing like him he is king of arrogant but he is so kind I don’t want to tell him I still love my ex because I thought if I dated him I would get over my ex but I still love him so much.I want to love my boyfriend I really do but I don’t know if I can and I know he really really likes me but I just can’t get my ex out of my head.

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