• 3 weeks ago

A friend told me one day that she liked our mutual. I wasn’t close with him then so I was excited for her and asked if she wanted me to do anything for her. After a while passed, someone sent a photo of me and he kept complimenting me. She later told me she was jealous, I said I would never do anything with him. I barely even said Hi to him. Well a couple months later, no idea if she still liked him, me and him started talking as friends of course. I thought I would never think of him like that. Well we got closer and we eventually grew feeling for each other, after we did something intimately i backed out. Told him I didn’t like him and I only thought of my ex. He respected that and we became friends again. I just feel horrible because what if she still likes him? I fuckin did that, I encouraged his stupid advancements. It would break her heart, she already doubted me. He still might even like me and ive been trying for him to get her to like her romantically for the longest. He just sees her as a friend. Im a shitty person and I own that, I would rather keep my friendship than some random nice guy. I Dont know how to fix this shit. I’m so sorry. Sorry wont fix this stupid fucking mess but Im sorry. Im sorry That i ever hurt your feelings or ever made you think that you werent safe. Im so sorry.

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