• 2 weeks ago

If only i was better. If only i was good enough for you. Im sorry for not being a good friend. Im sorry for breaking us apart. I know it’s my fault, i take responsibility for it. I do miss us. I miss talking together. Your social media posts talk about how you miss what we were before. I would be lying if i were to say that i dont miss you. But aren’t we better of this way? Isn’t what i did horrible? How i hurt you and made you suffer? Isn’t it best that you don’t associate yourself with me anymore? Im sorry. Im sorry for not realising i was hurting you. Im sorry for not being a better person. I miss you. I miss us. I love us laughing together. I wanna be with you again. But i feel guilty. I would feel guilty. Knowing that i am able to laugh. That I am able to freely smile. SO i don’t. I isolated myself.