• 3 weeks ago

A few months ago a beautiful woman I work with whispered in my ear that she is pregnant and she believes it is my child. We are both married. I don’t get sex at home, neither does she. So we had been having an affair for 5 months prior to telling me this. She is 27 and I am 44. She is so pretty, big boobs, nice butt, she lets me do anything sexually to her from licking her feet to tying her up and tickling her, to all around sweaty hour long sex. We are still having lots of sex now cause the damage is done, she can’t get anymore pregnant. Well when she found out she was pregnant she actually made her husband have sex with her for the first time in 8 months so she is telling him it is his child because she must have forgotten to take birth control for a few days. This guy is going to raise my child thinking it is his. we plan on continuing the affair even after she has the baby, she said she may want more children from me to pass off as her husbands. She is so hot and she satisfies me so I think I may give her more babies