• 5 days ago

I’m a Female 26 years old, we have always been a close family but lately my dad has been making sexual innuendos towards me and saying my body is looking good etc (I work out and have a large chest) I have been a bit off with him and he noticed and came into my room to talk to me one night and said he loved me and we always had a better bond than he did with my younger sister

We had all had a bit of a drink that night and he leant in to give me a cuddle and he kissed me on the lips and I don’t know what happened we just ended up full on making out and we didn’t mention it for a week or so then he came in while I was showering when my mum was at work and he just got in with me and I let him and I feel so ashamed, he rubbed soap into my boobs and ass and I just didn’t do anything and now I feel completely aweful and worried it will lead to sex