• 1 week ago

I was in fifth grade one time and it was almost the last day of school around 13 or 15 days left and I remember that my teacher promised us a ice cream party but on the day of the ice cream party my teacher got sick so we had a substitute teacher and this teacher was an asshole he didn’t let anyone have a second scoop of ice cream like our normal teacher would do so this teacher gave us our ONE scoop of ice cream and make us go play in the playground around 10 minutes after finishing my ice cream I had to go pee but since I had an asshole substitute teacher he didn’t let anyone go inside the school to use the restroom so I did the stupidest thing I have ever done I went behind the climbing wall and when no one was looking I pulled IT out and started pissing behind the climbing wall when I was about to finish I got a bit of piss on my hand and I didn’t want to wipe it on my pants so I walked up to my substitute teacher and “pulled” on his pants asking again if I could go to the bathroom and obviously he said no but then I tripped and caught myself by grabbing the table my substitute was serving ice cream on but I also still had my hand kind of wet from the piss and some of it sprayed onto the ice cream (I felt it by the way) and my substitute teacher told me to get up and play and 5 minutes later when we were walking back to class I saw my substitute teacher eating the ice cream piss so I walked back to class and when class was about to end and we could all go home I saw my substitute teacher lick the ice cream bucket clean so if the piss didn’t get on the ice cream and it got on the side he definitely ate some piss the next day we got a different substitute teacher and said the old substitute teacher got sick for some reason and I know what might have gotten him sick and on that same day a group of around 4 kids were around the climbing wall saying it smelled weird and that some of the rocks on the wall were wet and they even said that a girl tried to climb it but stopped when it felt kind of wet. I know this story sounds fake but it’s real but you don’t have to believe me.