• 1 week ago

I was texting with my girlfriend at work and employees were getting frustrated with me because of it, and I was hiding at work and doing that and I was frustrating my girlfriend and I was acting too goofy and weird in front of her and I was irritating her and I was trying to be funny in front of her and I felt like I looked pathetic and too rediculous. Also I was selfish hipocrytical prideful arrogant boastful tyrannical defensive argumentative gossipping angry faithless decietful passed judgement against against others was lazy insensitive unloving unmerciful unforgiving immature irresponsible ungodly lustful flirtatious unprofessional I complained had worldly sorrow, resentment,I was faithless, I lied was disrespectful, I felt pathetic and awkward. And I had violent thoughts was hipocrytical and I had a martyr like attitude