• 3 weeks ago

I feel really bad about this and thought I would get it off my chest here.I am 37 year old man with a great paying job, beautiful home and I also am a pervert.
My next door neighbor is a very sexy women she is 3 years older than me. over the past few years we have talked on a regular basis. And I have had her over for cookout. And i forgot to mention she is very attractive and has a perfect hot little body. She travels all over the country for her job and last week she asked me if I could keep my eyes on her house while she was gone. and she gave me a key. The first night she was gone I went to her home and let myself in and headed right to her bedroom with one thing in mind. Her panties! The first drawer I opened was stuffed with sexy thongs and g strings of every color. Under the pile of panties I found her sex toys. she had a lot of anal toys, various sizes of anal plugs and anal beads. I looked in her closet and there was a laundry basket with very little in it besides a pair of black leggings and a tiny black lace thong. I held it to my nose and could smell a hint of her cunt and it made my cock rock hard. I took off my pants and layed in her bed and jerked off while I sniffed her thong. I got up and opened the drawer again and jerked off over the drawer and shot a huge jet of cum all over her panties. I am pretty sure that was the most powerful load I have ever shot in my life. there was huge amounts of jizz everywhere. I just left it there to dry. I went back in her house a few times and came on her pantyhose and some sexy thigh high stockings. If i was to take a guess I imagine there is a cups worth of my cum all over her panties. She will be home tonight. I had a copy of her made made. Hopefully I can sneal in and get the panties she was wearing and jerk off into them next!