• 1 month ago

Guilt once again after cheating. i always feel terrible after cheating on my wife with another married man but there i am every week meeting him for sex. i would never admit to anyone but its almost as if i am rediscovering sex with him and the sneaking around is addicting. i let him cum in me almost every time. yes i risk STD’s and everything in my life but i cant stop. we had sex on a picnic table as someone in a car watched us then i went to work with his cum dripping out of me. i know if i am caught i could lose my marriage and even my job but that has not stopped me. us guys can be fucking idiots. saturday after his wife left for work and mine was at work i went to his apartment and gave him a blow job underneath his covers while he was in bed. i am not sure how long i can continue this affair but i am enjoying it and i wish the guilt after was enough for me to stop but its not