• 1 month ago

New Year’s Resolution

Last year I decided that I wanted to have more gay sex in the new year and that is exactly the plan I am working on executing for the new year. I am 50, have long been bisexual but been wanting to have a gay conversion as it were and sleep predominately with men. Last year men won 15-2 and this year I think I would be ok if I found myself a relationship with a man. It does not have to be monogamous but he should be free to stay the night and wake up fucking each other with abandon daily.

I used to do fairly decently with women but I have gotten to the point where I think the game is just bs. I enjoy sucking cock, and the passionate exchange with a man more than I have with women and there is just something about our simple reasoning that makes it uncomplicated.

I like sucking cock, swallowing cum, being a bottom to a guy that is equally as free about his sexuality as I have become. When I finally find the guy I am looking for I can’t wait to become for him to breed me on a regular (daily) basis. It is my hope when I find this guy he will be ok with inviting other men and women into our relationship.