• 2 weeks ago

I just need to get this off my chest –
I’m procrastinating writing my thesis for so long, I don’t even remember what it feels like to go to sleep without thinking about it.
I want to get this over with but I hate it so much. I’m not good at asking for help, and everybody around me thinks I’m done with it like over a year ago, but I didn’t fix it like I was supposed to, I just ignored it until I can’t anymore. I really want to get my masters but it’s just too hard. And it’s not even the academic part that’s hard. Just the emotional part. I’m sitting in front of the word document in the middle of the night right now, knowing that I really can’t procrastinate any longer, and I’m almost done. All the hard stuff is behind me. I just can’t finish. I’m sure it’s still all wrong and stupid, it’s a stupid research and it took forever just because I didn’t want to do it and now I’m ashamed of how long it took me to get it done. Please let this be my last night worrying about it…If you’re reading this and are as good as me at not doing things, just do it. Don’t be me.