• 3 weeks ago

I have a strong sexual attraction to a fellow church member. I’ve caught her staring at me in certain situations. I’ve been masturbating to fantasies about her. However I am a Christian and I know this is wrong, and I truly don’t want her to have any idea that I have these feelings. I truly want to honor God, her, her husband, and their marriage. I have been staying away from church during COVID but it’s partly to protect myself from my feelings about her. It’s not her fault (except a couple of times she kind of caught me by myself and talked with me, and also I’ve noticed her looking at me…once when I was talking to another woman and I sensed that she was jealous. I may have misinterpreted but it fed my desire for her). I am a single man with some degree of social anxiety. Part of this whole picture is that I occasionally look at porn too. So there is a mixup of my sexual desire….it is misplaced and unhealthy….it is sinful……i beg God for mercy and for wholeness and health and forgiveness through Jesus….

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