• 6 months ago

Im sorry to a girl named JK who got dragged into an embarrassing situation not of her making but my own. I brought a calendar to school with big breasted topless women to show her because i was intrigued by the fact that they were big breasted topless women and it was in a calendar. She opened the envelope in class and its contents fell out. The class prefect told on us (straight to the teacher) without even asking or warning us and the next thing you know its the biggest scandal in an all girls school. I tried to get jk not to say it was me because i was already in trouble at home because of my poor grades. Anyways, everything came to the surface. Mom was at the principals office, crying and upset. She was also halfway through her chemo, so she was already exhausted without my help. We didnt get suspended thankfully but its been 25 years, and I still worry about jk and hope that she has excelled in life. Although Im not brave enough to chase her down and apologise to her face.