• 1 week ago

I’m an energy vampire who specialises in mind projection, dream invasion, and tendril feeding. I have been nonconsensually harvesting emotional and sexual energy from 2 women for several years. This week I found one of their onlyfans accounts. I anonmyously paid her 100 dollars and complimented her for a few days. She even commented how much I had helped her emotional and mental health by being so supportive. I made several sock puppet accounts to further inflate her confidence. THEN, I did a complete 180 and was incredibly rude to her and exposed her online. Suddenly multiple accounts that had been tipping her every day had unsubscribed and stopped spending money. I did this all so she would be easier to feed on. This morning she deleted almost all of her social media and I’m worried I may have gone too far. I need my cattle alive afterall.

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