• 2 months ago

I was able to sit through the entirety of the 3guys1hammer video and I didn’t.. really react? I didn’t feel any churning in my stomach despite the extremely graphic, gory details, I didn’t feel actually sick at all…at the most I just sort of felt this sympathetically sad resignation. Normally I’m extremely empathic… so the fact that watching this visceral footage didn’t provoke… *anything* in me, whereas like, I’m infamously the sentimental girl who cries over EVERYTHING. Always have, ever since I was a kid. Dude, I frickin cried in third grade world history when we read about any massaacre throughout the centuries. And even as an adult, I don’t even like to watch shit like Saw movies because they’re “too graphic” and disturbing for me. So.. what the fuck??? this was *real* shit… what the actual fuck.

I’m… blankly disturbed that I didn’t really have much of any reaction at all.
Like.. I recognize that what the murderers are doing is wrong, and seeing dumb teenagers laugh at bashing in the skull of another man and seeing the caved in, bloodied wheezing amalgam of flesh and broken bone heave as death STILL hasn’t yet ended his suffering.. it’s objectively revolting, disturbing, and unquestionably immoral. …and I felt… little, next to nothing.

Am I a bad person…? Or rather, is.. is there just something really wrong with me?

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