• 1 week ago

I think I’m addicted to food. It makes me want to scream because I hate my body and have longed to be skinny my entire life, but I just can’t seem to keep my hands off of food. I think about it near constantly and am completely obsessed. Sometimes I will eat something until I feel sick, but I’m never satisfied. I have extremely intense sugar cravings too and can never keep my portions under control when it comes to sweets. I have eaten an entire box of zebra cakes in one night on multiple occasions and feel the intense urge to buy a candy bar every time I go to the store. It doesn’t matter if I feel sick or am in physical pain. I will just keep eating and eating. I’ll snack on loaves of sandwich bread, eat half a jar of peanut butter, crackers, strawberries, candy, anything to satisfy my cravings. It could be because I have severe depression and anxiety but I don’t know. I just wish that food wasn’t consuming my life. I feel like a complete freak and my level of greediness is downright embarrassing sometimes. Even my twelve year old cousin will choose to eat less ice cream than me.

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