• 2 months ago

Me and my wife went out to a little hole in the wall diner ( I am 59 and my wife is 57 ) we have been kinda bored lately so after work we went driving around a bit and we noticed a girl on the side of the road, I would say she was no older then 13 or so. We pull over and ask her if she is okay and she replies that she is working, me and my wife look at each other because we were not sure what she meant, but out of concern and because we wanted to help her we invited her to our home for a bit. She walked in our front door and starts taking her clothes off and my wife freaks out ! she starts yelling at her to put her damn clothes back on ! i start thinking of the trouble we can get into due to her age, i start wondering if she is a drug addict or is she going to rob us ?, i panic…i go to my garage and get a led pipe and i use it to hit her as hard as i can in the back of the head and i think i crushed her skull, she falls down right where she was and she stops moving. I then realize that my wife watched me do this, i scream at her to go up stares in a panic…before i get rid of this girl i want to see her naked and i wanted to be in her, i know, this is a bit odd but something came over me, then i came over her. Later that night me and my wife talked about this and decided not to go to that diner again but that we should still try new things.

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