• 6 months ago

I work as a cashier at (GENERIC FAST FOOD PLACE). We have a tip jar at the front, and if people put cash in it , I have to put it in the register, and I don’t know where it goes from there. But, to be honest… When I put it in, I keep a majority of it. Someone gave me a $10 tip, and I documented it as a $2 tip and kept $8. I bet it goes to all the employees anyway, but… fuck it, right? I don’t give a damn about anyone that works there. You starvin? So am i! Can’t fuckin make myself dinner most nights, all I can afford once rent and water and car insurance is paid is, like, a pack of tortillas and some cheese. And i’m tired of eating plain quesadillas every night, god damnit! Not like (GENERIC FAST FOOD PLACE) needs it anyway. FFS.

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