• 8 months ago

I had sex with my granddaughter’s best friend. She was 10 years old. They were having a sleepover at our house. I had taken them to the zoo that day. Sometime during the night after everyone had gone to bed Scarlett (not her real name) came into my room (my wife and I have seperate bedrooms). She crawled into bed with me and thanked me for taking them to the zoo and gave me a kiss on the lips. Nothing open mouthed, just lips to lips, but very long and sensual. Wow, instant erection. I had never been turned on by someone that young before, but I sure was now. I put my arm around her a started rubbing her little ass. In a couple of minutes we both were completely nude in bed together. I didn’t want to pop her cherry for fear she might start crying or worse freek out. She told me she’s already had sex. She said when she goes to her dad’s house (her parents are divorced) they ocassionally have sex if his wife has gone out. That’s all I needed to hear. I had some the best sex I’ve ever had in my life that night. Not beause of her experiece, but beause of her young innocent body. Now, 16 years later I still get hard when I think of her. If I’m masturbating she’s always in my mental picture.

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