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My sin list, continued..
Guy who I came to your apartment knowing I would be told to immediately strip and kneel: at that last moment, you grabbing my head and forcing your cock down my throat freaked me out and angered me. But I only gagged once before I felt you pumping it straight down my throat. The anger disappeared and my head went empty. Once you let go of my head I fell on my back rubbing myself between the legs and basically squirming and mewing like a kitten. No man but you has shot straight down my throat. It was intoxicating and a lovely place to be despite how I shamed and embarassed myself on your living room floor.
Martial arts guy: I am sorry I could not get all your cock in my mouth you were simply too long and I lacked the experience. Granted, the situation of being in an awkward position in your cluttered van in your parents’ driveway was not exactly a turn on or comfortable setting.
Floyds Fork guy: while your cock size and inability to roll your foreskin back was a bit of a downer, slipping my tongue in and around it was interesting.
Guy in shopping center parking lot: you showed me I do have a taste for controlling a man. I rather enjoyed making your fantasy of having your wife’s pantyhose used as a leash on your genitals while you masturbated. I also liked how you responded when I put my hand thru your open car window palm up and told you to give me your cum in my hand as your tribute. I don’t know if you expected me to feed it to you instead of keeping it for myself, but man or woman, if I make someone cum, their cum is mine.
Dominant guy in parking lot and, years later, your house: you were just full of shit. Your cock was beautifully thick but only you believed your bullshit about how you couldn’t cum because you had just fucked some chick. And you suddenly wanting to suck me was quite frankly disgusting. I have shamed myself many times sucking off a man but I never pretended I was a stud/stallion. If your goal is actually to be a cocksucker then be honest with yourself.
Rebecca: that late night shower with you was very comfortable and lovely, and I enjoyed holding you as you masturbated.
Laura: i am sorry your marriage was impacted by our makeout and mutual nipple play sessions in my mother’s basement. But this is why you are supposed to delete your texts. Shame we never had our masturbation session. You claimed to be a good girl but the way you responded to holding my hot hard cock in your hand was pretty good evidence as to why you said you contracted a STD one night when you and your now-husband had split up. If you are a sex fiend, just admit it.
One more chapter to come in this sin list…

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