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My sin list, continued:
Monica: the only reason you were the second woman to make me feel utterly pathetic and undesirable and inadequate is because my mother had years of head start on you. You cheated on me while I was gone and even while gone I remained faithful to you by not masturbating. The only way i survived you is because you got what you wanted..a trapped sperm donor..who was even gawkier than me.
Helen F: sorry I was not redneck cowboy simpleminded and therefore unable to hold your interest.
Dianne: our only time with each other you managed to see more clearly than anyone…precisely what was I doing, who was I actually trying to sabotage?
Aging biker guy: i never argued that we kept tripping across each other for a reason. But you were a conflict for me. When I do want to be with a man I am there with an open mouth, and need a man to take the controlling hand. Sorry but had no interest in what type of panties you liked wearing.
Bbw who biker guy invited to join me. That failed threesome attempt with you two was my first big lesson in how a completely non-alpha male i am.
Spanker guy: you were very nice, intelligent, and took the upper hand. I did not even get upset when I learned to not get cum in my eye because of how red and swollen it was. You were the first to ever give me a real spanking as a voluntary adult. But my god your neurosis about liking to spank guys like me was just too much.
Gay guy who jerked off on me while I lay naked on the floor in front of a mirror: that was hot. Plain and simple.
Older man living alone: it was somewhat shitty of me to be frustrated that while I enjoyed sucking you, and did so more than once, the size and ED that kept you from being able to fuck me was just too frustrating. And god help me I have still never had a man’s cock fucking me.
Older woman three blocks away: you were one of three women I was with that 24 hours. The most memorable part was your late teen daughter walking in while you were sucking me and asking if Dad knew. Not really gow that scene usually ends up in porn, btw.
A-A porn addict: you had said you did not want to be a white man’s fantasy. But that was an odd thing compared to how you made sure you had an uninterrupted view of the wide screen porn fest you were watching while I ate you like I was starving. But I do get it after all, you asked m3 if I wanted to cum in you or on you, and even though you explained that if I came on you I had to lick it up, I pulled out exploded and started licking. Most cum I have ever taken at one sitting.
Bulldog woman: for someone who was aching to have someone watch her with her dog, you seemed to freak out about it pretty quickly. And considering I had waited over 9 weeks to cum, it was a rather wasted orgasm.
BBW whose face I remember but whose name I do not: I have to give you full marks for proving to me that it was possible to wrap your lips around the base of me.
Frankfort woman who drove as I jerked off: you ruined me. Nothing gets me off like being watched jerking off and mocked for doing it.
Hotel Dianne: same: I could have spent forever jerking off for you. I do owe you two apologies: one for wishing I could fuck your irrespnsible brat of a daughter, and the other for the white lie of yes being in your pussy was just too inte
About 11 more to go folks…

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