• 8 months ago

My sin list, continued:
Guy I blew in the basement electrical room at your work: I felt incredibly dirty. You snuck me in, we found a dim corner, and you opened your pants and I dropped to my knees as expected. And the thrill of it disgusts me still.
Guy in the atrocious plaid pants: if you hadn’t yanked my head out of your lap because you panicked because you thought you saw a cop car, your wife would not have asked why you had dried cum on your pants.
Older man across the river: the way you made me leave immediately after you came in my mouth each time is what made me feel worst.
Old man I sucked off in my own living room: youwere zipping it up and leaving while I still knelt naked on my own living room floor. And that was the only time I ever jerked off in relation to sucking off a man. It was also the first time that I called myself a faggot when I jerked off after you left.
Tara: I am so sorry. Admitting my problem toyou was the only time I tried to make amends to someone I had wronged face to face.
Rachel: yes I was using you and myself to avoid the shame and emptiness I felt. That does not excuse what has to be the lamest and most manipulative claim of pregnancy in human history.
Samantha: it was all oretend and we both knwk it. I am including you here not for just my own guilt but to vent myself of the shame of being pathetic enough to have convinced myself it was ok that you were hung up on M and the selfie you showed me of you two in bed together only made it worse. As did you having a pregnancy scare because I was the only one you made use a condom.

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