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What I’m going to type might seem weird but it is true. I am someone who tends to drag herself into negativity on her own. I tend to overthink and over-analyse everything that happens around me causing me to debate over what decision to make. It might sound as something regular that happens to everyone on a daily basis but I personally feel like my thoughts are problematic on a bigger level. When in any situation, big or small, I start taking out weird connections of that moment with my past experiences, fighting with my own self over what decision I could have taken better in the last or what decision I can take better presently. I feel about myself, at all time. At one moment, I’m free, I try not to overthink and judge myself, but I end up doing the exact same thing and then cry or be mad at myself for being stupid enough to let my feelings free. When I suppress myself, it bottles up and my life becomes sick but when I let myself free, my overthinker self makes me feel bad about me and all what I do again making my life sick. Not only does it affect me but unfortunately, the lives of all the people closely associated with me. I don’t exaactly know what to do. This is sickening and so…tiring. I don’t know how to handle this. I feel so guilty.

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