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my ex recently got back in touch with me and confessed i was the best thing to ever happen to him. i dont feel the same way, but as a courtesy i went on a ‘date’ with him- just to talk. That’s all that happened, honestly. We talked and then we started to part ways. His best friend came to pick him up from the hangout spot we were at though, and him and I talked just a little bit. I had only met him once before when he visited back in may of last year when my ex and i were together. He lived in California, so i just happened to be in the picture during one of their meets. he lives back hete in MN now, which I’ve since learned is where he was born. Cali was just a spiritual thing, apparently. but, he found my Facebook and we started talking a bit. we had a lot in common, it was kind of nuts. he lives an hour away from me, so we agreed to maybe hang out in person, and invite my ex. ex stuck around for like an hour and a half, and after asking me to go on another date (which i politely said “I’ll think about it” to) his friend and I ended up talking and driving around like idiots together for like 6 hours. it was honestly magical. we decided to hangout together a couple more times without my ex, and then one of these times, things happened, and we kissed. Just kissed. But I would be lying if i said it wasnt the best kiss of my life. We’ve spent time together some more since then, and Everytime the kisses seem to get longer and filled with more positive tension. We had a phone call last night and we both told each other i lovr you. I’ve been thinking about jim and the entire thing nonstop. I very much could fall in love eith him i think, but im worried what it may do to his and my ex’s relationship, or my ex’s reaction towards me. When I broke up eith him, he threatened suicide and scared me. He obviously didnt do it, but what if he does this time? I feel guilty, but i also feel so crazy about this guy. Sparks really do fly with him.

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