• 10 months ago

I betrayed my sister. The one who loved me unconditionally, gave me everything to make me happy, had my back, helped me through everything and I… I just betrayed her. I was talking crap about her. I was going through a… uh what would u call it? an “ungrateful stage” .. I only focused on the mean things she would do, not the good…. she found out & was truly heartbroken, damaged but I prayed everyday for her to forgive me and thank God she forgave me. She’s still so loving and sweet to me til this day.. I don’t deserve her. It haunts me everyday. I wish I can go back and redo my actions. I’m lucky to have an amazing, loving, smart, funny sister. I just really hate how I thought it. I hate everything about me. EVERY PART IN MY BODY, EVERY THOUGHT I HAVE, HOW I DRESS, ACT !!!!!!! I deserve to feel like this though. I really do.

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