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One of my childhood bullies apologized to me. She’s sorry for giving me a black eye, framing me for cheating, smashing my project, taking advantage of my mother’s cancer to make me cry at her will, and many other horrible things. How can I forgive her when it still hurts? Her excuse is she had a verbally abusive mother. No one has ever loved me and I still didn’t hurt people. When I told my mother I was being bullied, she told me to get over myself and called me a stupid brat. Yet, I never made a fake MySpace to bait pedos towards my peers. I get it. I was ugly, poor, shy, and had a speech problem. I was an easy target. But what her, and her friends, did… It put me on a dark path, one where people would continue to hurt me… In so many ways… I can’t forgive her. Everything I know about maturity and wisdom says I should… But I can’t. I’m yet to survive my childhood. It’s a lingering poison. How can I forgive something that’s not in the past?

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