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it all started in a class in year 9 where i saw this girls feet in black socks and flats and developed an addiction for them and developing a huge foot fetish, it got to the point where i was staring at every girl in class feet and i started finding pics of their feet on instagram and snapchat and started screenshotting them and masturbating to them, thinking about them dangling their heel so i could smell inside their shoes and their heels, and licking their feet and them dominating and exposing me and stuff. Then i started making fake snap accounts asking for pics of their feet and telling them how much i love them, then they clicked and realised it was me and bullied me for it but i convinced them i don’t like feet but then i couldn’t stop doing it i’d make account after account begging for their feet, i loved the thrill of them exposing me being on the edge and to be submitted to their feet, then i’d do it “as a joke” on my actual account until they did start exposing me, making everyone think i like feet and started showing me them as a joke and i couldn’t not screenshot them it was an impulse and now i’ve had to stop because one girl messaged my mom, so i deleted the pics etc. but some of the girls who’s feet i was obsessed w i was still obsessed w and every night i think about them and i can’t get aroused by anything else and can’t get them thoughts about them in my head

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