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Walking to work today and passing by a summer camp, I suddenly remembered stealing some kid’s Gameboy Advanced when I was in summer camp in elementary school back in 2004. Growing up in an ultra conservative family, not only was my internet usage strictly monitored, but I didn’t get a proper gaming console until 3 years after the Wii was launched under the pretense of exercising on the Wii Fit. I certainly got good mileage off the Gameboy in the time since then playing Pokemon Leafgreen, Emerald, Advanced Wars, Super Mario World, etc. After that I eventually traded them for the three god-cards + some others in Yu-Gi-Oh, then a year later sold all of it for a decent profit. Nonetheless, I’m overwhelmed with guilt thinking about it today. I’d be more than happy to pay it back in full price of the device’s worth years ago. Alas, I don’t even remember the kid’s name anymore. This, alongside not spending time with my grandpa before he passed away, and not having attended a TSM finals LCS match live when they were still good, will go down as my top three regrets in life.

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