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I love you to the moon and back. I wish I could tell you to your face that I slept with someone multiple times during our relationship, talked to other people and hooked up with one of my best girlfriends.. I can’t tell you these things because it would break you more than you already have been, I have made peace. My loyalty and dedication was and still is to you, I slipped up because things got so rough. I’m ready for you, give everything to you. I know you need time to think but.. We’re meant to be. Sometimes people fall out of love and need to find a spark, and that spark is found within yourself. I hate the way things ended, I’m sorry I reflected my repressed emotions into jealousy and projected it onto you. Although I can’t confess this, I can say I was the issue.

Your innocent. Loyal. I can’t stand the thought of being without you, all I want is a second chance and I promise the universe I’ll never be unfaithful no matter the trial. Sometimes the closest have to separate to find themselves.. soulmates find a way back.. I’m sorry my jealousy projected onto your friends. I’m sorry I did all the things I can’t tell you but regardless.. I fucking love you. I want you forever.

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  • I laughed my ads of at this and thought “could this be her?”

    But I noticed you spelled you’re as your and no…. still funny though. I wish I could hurt you more, again, because I’m dead inside and need to hurt someone right now…

    I left a woman many years ago, gave up on a woman who left me I should say who enjoyed my daily slice of soul after she left. I eventually took it away. To me it was like taking awaty her morning newspaper. Selfish bitch. Fuck her. You don’t want to give? Go see if anyone else has a more delicious soul? You will not find it anywhere, I guarantee.

    And now it’s too late I would never let her back in seven a bit. I would deny even knowing her, to her face if I had to. That’s kind of intentional assshole of me, trying to be intentionally cruel, but at the same time, I could never believe her or trust her ever again, no matter what. That can never be mended or repaired.

    Anonymous June 19, 2019 9:37 pm Reply
    • Edgy kid lol

      Anonymous June 19, 2019 9:39 pm Reply

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