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I want to die but I know I probably don’t deserve it because I’m too young (minor) and I haven’t got enough experience to say such a thing but honestly
im just sick of everything including myself, like i see no point on going to school or studying.
Sometimes when I get real angry I start writing about how I wish my parents would die because it’ll make thing easier for me, or how I would kill myself, then leave a suicide letter telling them that I never forgave them for what they did to me… etc.

But when I’m not angry.. Well, i’m not like that at all. I normally see myself as a caring extrovert, but when I arrive home I flip, like a switch or sth. It’s really easy to piss me off or make me cry when at home. I even hit myself sometimes (im too scared of cutting) till I see bruises and that makes me satisfied. Sometimes I’m scared of myself, it’s like I have a split persona or something. Scary

Anyway.. I want to die or just be left alone in a peaceful village where nobody knows me and where I can do whatever I want unlike at home. i feel in jail while in my house.

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  • You need medication, my friend. Maybe a professional to talk to. You’re not crazy, you aren’t broken, you just need some tweaking. Like me. Like a lot of people.

    Anonymous June 12, 2019 4:12 pm Reply

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