• 12 months ago

About a month ago my father in law was talking to me and it came up in conversation that he couldn’t function as a man anymore. He Also told me that my mother in law was very sexually deprived and he was scared she was going to leave him. After asking why he was telling me this he explained that he and my mother in law had talked, and since she was so deprived shall we say he agreed to let her pick one person to help her not feel so deprived anymore. The person she picked was me……he basically asked if I’d be interested! I told him I had to think it over, my mother in law is a decent looking woman in her late 40s (light brown hair pretty blue eyes glasses typical middle class mom type)with pretty decent sized natural tits that her daughter is definitely lacking so I decided to take him up on the offer. We planned for a night my wife was at work, I went to my in laws not really sure what to expect (had a few drinks before so I didn’t bitch out) when I got there we had a few more drinks when we were both good and buzzed my father in law left the house and I had the most mind blowing sex ive ever had with his wife! We had sex for hours taking breaks in between no woman my age has ever f****d me like that in my life we’ve been doing it every since its been about a month or so now I’m addicted….

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