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i’ve been dating a girl for about a year now (i’m also a girl), she’s amazing and one of my best friends. i love her a lot. but recent mental health complications have made it very difficult as of late to express a lot of emotion. in addition to that, i’ve been talking to this guy online for about four or five months. we’re just friends, we haven’t met in person, but i catch myself imagining the two of us together a lot. sometimes i wonder if i’m starting to develop feelings for him. my friends and my girlfriend chalk up my distant personality to my mental health, which i do think is true – i’ve been battling depression for a long time and this behavior isn’t abnormal for me. they know about the guy i’m friends with, but i haven’t told anyone i might be starting to feel romantically about him. part of me doesn’t want it to be true. i don’t really know what to do except wait things out and see where things with my girlfriend and my online friend go.

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