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when i was like around 8 years old i was in the park and there was this girl friend i knew that was there and for some reason i wanted the soccer ball to hit her in the face, but i didnt think it was gonna hit her but when i kicked the ball it went and hit the side of a playground slide on the stairs and it bounced off twice and double hit the girl in the face, she started bleeding profusely from her nose and had to go home and clean herself up. afterwards when she got back I told her ..Sorry i didnt mean to hit you.. but that was a lie, she said ..its fine when i was younger i had a accident in a bathtub so my nose bleeds very easily… Anyway, I just wanted this off my chest, i feel kinda bad about it even tho im 21 now and im a guy for reference.

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  • i hate using my brain for tasks

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