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I got angry again because i was trying to do right and demons still bother me on the inside.i feel like giving up.i lusted again todayand i tried to get my friend to fornicate. I feel sad because i could have fell.i need anger management.I need help staying cool even when these devils embarrass me.i got to say God is kind but i gotta stop.o need forgiveness. He kept me and spoke to me. I feel thankful to be alive. I just get mad because these devils mess with you so much.i feel like they setting up a web for me and trying to get me entangled so the spiders of hell can attack me.Help me Lord!Forgive my attitude.Lord help me.”+7
I need you more but i need no not need want companionship. I was lustful and offered myself for fornication although I say im a Christian.I can’t even praise cause i fell short again in mouth and thought but not in action. Im prideful and guilty as sin within .I need to stop it .But i need inner peace in my inner sanctum i do right demons still enter.Im damned sick of it.Lord am i damned?
Help me understand..I said i wanted to KEEP this year free from fornication but have intimacy.Love lead me Love free me in Jesus name i overate and cheated on my diet to fast food frenzy.i get angry with The Lord because i know He is able but He will allow things i know to strengthen us but man i aint strong. I pray mercy says “No”.i am alive.i have thougjts that are blasphemous and rude.i am ashsavedamed.We need to pray for people lost to be .New Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus.I am trifiling.Up and down .i Need Jesus.i am a Hot Mess!im tired!i am thankful!Discrimination i feel i amNot loved the same as white girls or Mexican girl$ They always smiling and Hugging y

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  • henny is completely normal to want and need physical intimacy, look at our biology for answers, not in the bible
    those “demons”, im assuming youre refering to your lust
    they wont go away, so better learn to direct them somewhere else, like tinder dates
    there are plenty of people that have the same “demons” as you do
    youre not alone <3

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 2:40 pm Reply

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