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This is from my younger days, and, for a time, when I was on the road for work purposes and had a lot of freedom. I used to stop at malls, shopping centers, large flea markets, etc, and find hot women walking around alone, follow them, and sneak in an ass grab, run my hand over their exposed midsections if they were wearing a crop top or something that showed bare tummy skin, and take pics of them. Would even kill time on a bench waiting outside of a store if I was really into a woman and made her my day’s subject or “win”.

I admit, I got away with all of the above an awful lot. Only had one or two problems, and both were my own fault. One was following a very hot woman not just inside the mall, but, outside towards her car. She noticed and screamed at me to stop following her, within easy range of a group of people. The other was from taking photos with my beat-up, small camera (not cell). Woman heard me messing with it, turned around, and saw what I was doing, taking her pic from behind. My dumb luck was a security guy close by, so I couldn’t even make a fast exit. He took me into the office, asked what I was doing with this taped-up camera and following women. I gave him a valid reason that I was working with AT/T promotions, which I was, part time, and looking at locations to request setup. He kept me in the office for a good hour, then made a few calls that I told him to. Let me go when finding out yes, I was working with them and taking pics was done at times.

Still feel a bit guilty about the easily-hundreds of photos, and many, many women I groped in those places. Was a stupid thing to do, but, I saw it as a challenge. Grab as many as possible, and leave with dozens of photos. Nowadays, I’d never, ever do those things.

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  • I would love it if one of the women had shot you in the balls. 🙂

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 3:23 pm Reply
    • I was always careful, and had good judgement, with who I picked out. Had to have a certain look, as in..Not like they’d shoot me in the balls or do anything violent. I admit it was wrong, but as I said..Saw a challenge in it.

      Anonymous January 14, 2019 4:07 pm Reply

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