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I need advice. So.. i don’t think i’m sexually attracted to men, BUT. . . I love going on camera and making them cum. I figured out why tonight. Its the one time i can fully feel wanted. When i can make somebody cum, theres no mistaking it. Its somebody who wants me in this world, in that moment…

And it isn’t that nobody loves me! My family and my friends love me dearly. But i have a severe, crippling anxiety disorder. And my anxiety is always telling me what a burden am. How useless i am. That I’m going to die. That nobody around me wants me there. The people in my life love me. . . But my anxiety stops me from feeling that love almost entirely.

So back to the topic of this though… i want to stop. I feel guilty for it, and i feel guilty for stopping. I feel like i brighten guys days when i go on cam. I feel like i can make somebody genuinely happy. It makes me so anxious when i’m doing it that my hands wont stop shaking and i can hear my own heart beat… and I know i’m doing this for the wrong reasons. It feels like the LAST THING i can stoop to to feel wanted, and I don’t want to live like that. I want to treat my anxiety. I want to be able to accept the fact that the people in my life love me…

Is it wrong of me to stop? Is it a mean thing to do? My anxious brain is telling me that it is mean to stop, because i wont be able to help people if i do. Gosh, as though showing my tits is actually doing any real world helping…

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  • Don’t overthink it.
    You’re loved. And you’re probably attractive as well. Now you just need to learn to love yourself.
    Sometimes we all doubt ourselves. It happens to everyone (except narcissistic psychopaths).
    But we only have one life. We must enjoy it to the fullest. No time to lose spending time thinking about stupid things.

    Love yourself and find someone who loves you for who you are. If they don’t love you, then tell them to fuck off and leave them, so that you can find people who really love you.

    As a conclusion, I’d like to say that I once used to go to cam sites. And spend “quality time” seeing girls undress and masturbate along with them.
    Thank you for showing your body and helping guys have a great time. I hope you have a good and sexy time as well.
    But if you are feeling bad doing it, then stop. Webcam sex is only good if both partners are enjoying it.

    Peace and love to you.

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 12:10 pm Reply

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