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I’m 20 years old and live with my loving mom. Shes the best. I currently don’t have a job (I currently can’t get one due to injuries), I used to go to school full time but this past semester neglected to sign up. I told my mom and she was upset with me for a little, then told me to get myself together and go back this upcoming semester, starting soon. But yet again, I neglected to sign up. I dont know why I didn’t, and I think it’s too late to do anything about it. I could sign up for classes, but I dont have the money to pay for tuition because I didn’t complete the FAFSA. I know I have to come clean soon… Theres no denying it. I have to tell her and I feel terrible. I dont like disappointing her. Or any of my family. Next fall semester I’ll be on top of it. But another thing, I feel so lost. I dont know what I’m doing with my life and God, does it suck. I feel like such a loser. Everyone knows what they want to do with life and I feel so stuck.

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  • Me again, I’m a good person, I help around the house, and with my siblings. My mom knows this isn’t my usual, that’s why I know she’ll be disappointed. How do I tell her what the heck is going on about school?

    Anonymous January 10, 2019 11:00 pm Reply
    • You need to tell her when she’s in a really good mood, or had a few drinks, or laying in bed together enjoying your orgasmic bliss after making love.

      Anonymous January 11, 2019 12:58 am Reply

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