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My friend had a crush on me and I said no and when she asked why I didn’t say no, my answer was true which was I don’t feel a relationship I never see someone or get to be with them due to distance works for me but my other reason, I’ve kept to myself and I feel awful about it, so, my friend she’s got anxiety and bipolar and while I do my best to try and keep her calm, when she gets annoyed at me (which she can be set off easily) the list of things she’s done and said, makes it hard to like her, even as a friend, here’s a few things she said/done, she’s accused me of being racist, as I apparently only like white girls, which is NOT the case, I can assure you that, she’s told me to kill myself before, called me pathetic, useless and all sorts, she’s wrote things on social media accusing me of rape, which again I can assure that I have NEVER and would NEVER do anything like that, again, she of all people knows that I wouldn’t do that, she’s threatened me before with violence and recently she threatened to call the police on me for theft as she got me a gift a while back and I should say, I didn’t tell her to do this and because she’s from America, it cost a bit of money, I did tell her several times not to send it as she’s not in the most financially secure situation and obviously I didn’t want her to spend money on me, she sent it anyway and when we argued she told me to get the money to send them back even though, I haven’t been able to get a job and no, I’m not on benefits or on job seekers allowance and she said she would call the police if I didn’t stay as her friend and honestly I’m scared to go as I don’t know what she’s capable of and I mean we’re close, so I tell her a lot of things and while I don’t have anything incriminating to admit to because well, I’ve never done anything like that, I don’t know what she could make up to get me in trouble, I know this is more than likely due to her bipolar but if she’s written things online accusing me of rape and only taking them down because I begged her to, what would she do if she didn’t have me begging her not to? Like I said, she can be set off easily and I’m worried about what could happen, I care about her but, I’m also scared of what she could do if we ever decided to go our separate ways, am I to blame as I feel like blaming myself for it all

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