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I’d like it much better if she wasn’t wearing socks and was instead wearing tennis shoes without socks

If a girl is wearing shoes without socks I will do almost anything she asks me to do

It’s a really messed up fetish I have had for at least 30 years now – but I’m Totally serious

I’ve only ever told a few girls, and only once we started dating steady. They all stopped wearing socks for me

Two of them really took advantage of me – once they learned that literall all they had to do was wear their shoes without socks and I would do whatever they wanted – they really made me so a lot of terrible things

But it’s not exclusive – I will do whatever is asked of me by any woman who is wearing shoes without socks

I’m lucky that the last girl to discover this was a nice girl who was a senior in high school in a class I was teaching –

It was activity period and I was in my classroom alone. It was only the two of us

She asked if she could stay in the room during the one hour activity period – I told her it was ok with me

She had self esteem problems and had no friends after a bad falling out with her social group after she and her ex boyfriend broke up

She was depressed and didn’t have a place to live that summer after graduation – she was telling me about how bad it was going to be

She was about to have to live out of her car after her parents divorced a

And she didn’t have money for college either – or was all very sad

Then she noticed I had been staring at her feet the whole time – she had bare feet and was dangling her ballet flats off her toes

She asked if I was staring at her feet

I sheepishly admitted I was

Then she asked me if I had been staring at her feet in class for the entire semester

I jokingly asked her what she thought

She said that she knew I had been watching her

I told her she had very pretty feet

And that I had noticed she had literally not worn socks a single day at all for the last two years

I told her she could stay with me if she wanted.
she made me quit teaching because she knew I’d eventually get arrested for fooling around with underaged girls if I didn’t leave

So then she made me go back to grad school and enroll in a program where I could make more money –

Then she made me buy her sexy shoes and other clothes that summer after she radiates high school

She was only 17

Then she made me let her move into an apartment with me and made me pay all her bills

Just because she discovered my secret fetish

And honestly I don’t mind a bit

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