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I’m a multiracial person, who has always been kind and accepting of others; but I have a very unpopular opinion, that would at best get me called insensitive, and at worst get me called insensitive or racist.

The modern day equal rights movement no longer seems to be about equality, but revenge. People scream cultural appropriation, and white privilage, demanding that white people accept the terrible things they’ve done to black people. But apologizing for someone else’s actions isn’t enough. Apologizing for existing as a white person isn’t enough. A white person could give all their posessions to a black person, and would still be berated for being white (because no matter what, your ancestors were slave owners, and you can’t give away the “privilage” you were born with) I genuinely wonder what a white person would have to do to finally be forgiven by a black person, and if there really is nothing that can be done to earn forgiveness, then what’s the point? Other than to spread hate?

Being mixed, I have seen both sides of things, and honestly feel that more hate comes from the black community towards white people then vice versa. Yes, amongst the older generation you’ll find horribly racist white people, but in the younger generation it seems the opposite is true.

I wish someone could change my mind; show me that the modern day equal rights movement is fueled by love and respect for each other, just as MLK jr. believed in, rather than hate and bitterness. But as of right now, I don’t believe that, and had to tell somebody.

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  • People are easily swayed, lazy and easily influenced. From the moment BLM started, a chain reaction started across the globe, even now in South Africa. Whites and mixed-race people are being murdered simply for not being black. Even the black workers on white farms are being murdered for being “house negros”. It’s something the media are helping to grow. They will talk about white guilt and encourage actions we never would have tolerated 6 or more years ago. But everything white is evil. They won’t show anything which shows harmony between the two groups and people are too lazy. To look into the reasons for this. Even the encouragement of mixed-race people to hate their white side. Personally I feel someone behind the scenes is creating the friction so that eventually, a police state can be made. It may sound far fetched but there is plenty of evidence for this.

    Anonymous July 18, 2018 7:04 pm Reply

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