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i was biking to your house and saw your fat, ugly, middle-aged hag of a “wife” on her scooter coming in the opposite direction. Haven’t seen her in over a year. Her new nose ring and tattoos are funny as hell, I guess she’s trying to look “edgy” but to be honest, all I could think of with the nose ring was “moooooooo!” I almost laughed out loud. I’m sorry you’re married to a miserable pig who is rude to all your friends. You’re a good guy, though. At least she was headed away from the house so I wouldn’t have to say hi and have her deliver her usual list of petty complaints. Have another donut, luv.

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  • Damn! You’re really pissed off at her. Do you want to fuck her or something?

    Anonymous July 13, 2018 7:05 pm Reply

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