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So, my friend, she has a crush on me and I’ve known about it for a while as she’s asked me out a few times and I’ve said no as I don’t have any romantic feelings towards her but I blame myself because I feel like I led her on, I don’t flirt or anything, I am supportive of her and try to help her (even though we live in different countries) and she says she doesn’t have feelings for me anymore but she clearly does as she has said about us dating and getting married and moving to my country so we can be together and that worries me a bit as like I said she knows I don’t like her like that and she’s blamed me for not going out with her when she’s been depressed as I could of helped her from being hurt again and like I said I feel like I’ve led her on even though I haven’t flirted or anything with her just being supportive and a general friend, am I over thinking this?

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  • Honestly, drop her as a friend. If she cant respect you putting her down gently, she doesnt respect you.

    Anonymous July 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply

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