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Im a Christian who have believed in Ying Yang although i never worshiped it literally i caint believe it i dont worship but i used this symbol on my friend when i massaged him i was wrong confused i liked the symbol since i was a kid i thought it was cool
It hurts inside i mixed Baal with Christianity.I even used to work for a psychic network and acted like a psychic and used The Good Lord’s name in vain.I have been judgemental and very hypocritical
I have been guilty of witchcraft
Not even realizing it i have given
Into seducing demons without knowing i have been guilty of satanic beliefs zodiac tarot i been a witch not even realizing it my mother was a witch she is sorry for any occultic activity done actually my roots my dad and mom some of my uncles just my generational lineage have been guilty of spiritual,emotional mental,clans,incest,orgies,holding grudges,blind idolatry,transgender idol worship lust ungrateful witchcraft,prostitution,homosexuality,sexual immorality,sodomy i plead the blood Of Jesus over generational twisted thinking,all listed above un knowingly ive taught some wrong things i posted untrue stuff i gathered online.ive been covetous,give out of necessity.i commited adultry I have watched satanic movies entertained music and movies,i have not commited myself to The One and Only True God Jehovah completely i have greived The Holy Spirit more than once i have been guilty of The Seven deadly Sins i and my family members alive and dead have been guilty of soo much i put that suff behind me anger murderous hateful thought life i been a real pagan trifiling devils duaghter my family whom is sorrowful to i blasphemed holy things unintentionally.Im ashamed
Any sins i or my family havent mention forgive us our sins Father God i have been puffed up with pride not believing it i have been disgusted with myself and others
I have not operated in love as i desire.im not patient please deliver me and my family im angry at stuff people did to me i prayed for fallen angels and had compassion for them i have not been humble at all guilty of grandiose mentally unstable i probably did even more like i know ive cursed people and curesed people out i been a real angry self serving person but also a loving giving person i double minded.my papa molested someone i hope he sorry i been controlling brute tactless hateful gluttonous greedy bipolar schizo affective i hurt inside sometimes i like to sin but i dont i cant explain i envy sinners i be lonely and want love but it aint sex is not love. I have caused many men to stumble.im mad cause people i love disrespect me too much i have abandoned loved oned at times of need. Man i suck i am a b…t.h.l have falsely accused people i love causeing them to sin unkowingly cause im psychotic i hear voices someimes .im jealous envious and unworthy of forgiveness i hold grudges deep inside i want things my way im un submissive and stuborn.
Im sorry to My Father in Heaven

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  • Friend. You seem like a wonderful, thoughtful person. Someone to go through this type personal evaluation taking a step back to see the bigger picture, wanting to do the right thing, deserves riches and rewards in both after and current life. It seems to me that you are a good person with an exceptional broad perspective on the great mystery called life. Friend, stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone tell you other wise. I advise you pursue whatever it is that makes you feel fulfilled both in body and spirit. If God, or Gods exist. I’m pretty sure their big enough to except you as you are.

    Anonymous July 12, 2018 7:40 am Reply

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