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Hey Today I want to confess something about my life.I was very good in maths. I wanted to pursue Msc in Maths but my parents wanted me to pursue Engineering.From 1st semester I was getting re appears After 4 years I was left with 4. I got a job as Maths Teacher in Some IIT JEE preparation institute and never completed my degree and lied to my parents about this.But deep inside I m feeling guilty. Theh trust me a lot. And I m afraid that will be broken(definitely). What should I do? To tell them about this but will loose my trust or continue Telling Lie?. But It is breaking me more and more.Third thing I can commit suicide too.. But I m not a looser. Plz suggest me.

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  • You really should come clean. The longer you stay lying the worse your lies will get and the easier it will be for them to catch you out. And it will definetly be worse of they find out rather than you telling them.

    Anonymous April 18, 2018 12:05 pm Reply

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