• 4 months ago

Me and my dad went over to my uncles house and I didn’t know what was going to happen that day till we got over there. Me and my dad went down stairs in the basement where there was a couple big chairs and a bed and a big TV. My cousin and I turn on the TV and put a movie on it and it had a father and son having sex together. My dad and uncle started taking off there clothes and told us to. We all were watching and my dad started playing with my cock and then he was sucking on me. I was so hard and he tells me to cum. Then he said it again, cum in my mouth. So I did . My dad’s lips started clamping down on my cock and it really make me cum hard. My dad look at me and said wow that was a lot of cum. Then I got down in front of my dad and he had the best looking cock. I put my mouth over top of it and it never left my mouth till he started cumming. There was so much cum I couldn’t swallow all of it. Then me and sat there watching my uncle getting off in his son mouth.

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