• 4 months ago

My life was bad growing up, poor and miserable. My father left when I was two and I never saw him. My mother drank, an alcoholic, we lived with my grandmother who treated me like shit. She kept a shotgun and told me that if someone fucked me she would blow his head off. I finished school a virgin’s virgin. Not even kissed.

I worked part time and went to school part time and a guy followed me and pushed his way inside. He had me on the floor when my Grandmother walked in and she blew his head off with the shotgun before he got his dick inside. The grand jury refused to indict her but I spent a lot of time working through my issues of seeing his head blown apart in front of my eyes.

I went to work for a company as a processing clerk. My grandmother had died and my mother was a completely gone alcoholic. I lived with another girl, the one that got me the job. She told me to keep myself hidden from the owner, he liked to put his ‘stamp’ on his crew. She told me he had fucked her and still did and if he saw me he would fuck me too. He did fuck me, but not at work, he fucked me at the apartment where we lived. When he got off I laid there, I never imagined it would feel so good. I like him fucking me, I like sitting in his lap. I like standing in his arms as he kissed my face and mouth. I waited until I was 28 to get fucked. I don’t say I wished it happened sooner, I am just glad that it did.

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