• 2 months ago

So I’m with my 3rd boyfriend, I’ve dated around and all that but this is a real serious relationship (about 4 months in). Before this 3rd guy, the 2nd guy fucked me up real bad, I went to therapy and all that, and after him I was really scared to put myself out there, so I stopped dating for a long time and just slept around and went on silly dates (during which I also started dating my current bf). A guy I had met recently, we flirted & kissed but then I found out he had a gf and I was now about to start seriously dating my current bf and felt really guilty about it 🙁 There’s nothing wrong with my bf except for the fact that he doesn’t have much experience as far as the sex/kissing skills go, he’s loving, caring and thinks about me alot, but the other guy is really really good at the things my bf is bad at.

The other guy and I had sex (before my bf and I got together), and then we’ve been having sex currently. I secretly enjoy having the playfights with the other guy, the cuddling and the conversations and of course the sex (mindblowing). I’ll call the other guy E. E always tells me how wet and tight I feel, how sexy my body is and that he’s basically addicted to having sex with me, and I feel the same way about E. Like our bodies were made to have sex with each other. You’re prob thinking, why don’t I just get together with E? Well he has a gf as I mentioned previously, and we’re just from two completely different walks of life, he’s really rich (basically owns the foreign country he’s from) and I’m basically living paycheck to paycheck and providing for my parents. His gf is also really rich and my bf is rich as well (just not as rich which is fine idrc about that).

E and I talk everyday now (which we have to considering our lines of work) and we call after we talk to our partners. He’s admitted (nervously) that he enjoys chatting with me, and that he feels happy that he can be open with me (because we chat to each other about other persons we’d potentially want to hook up with LOL), and that he LIKES ME. He’s mentioned the “liking me” thing more than once, but because I literally consider him a hook-up and this is the first (and last) time I’ve ever done something like this (he’s done this before with other girls), idk what to tell him, I DO like him back yes, but I also love my bf yk?

Everytime we have sex, he comes back to cuddle naked, I’m not too heavy on physical touch but he seems to love it so I just let E engulf me. He gives me small pecks all over my face and everything before and after sex, and I genuinely don’t know what to make of that so I just remain in the same position when he does that, literally don’t move or touch him in any way LOL. Also, we go out together alone, but it ends up like that because no one else in our group of friends enjoy hanging out outside of work and their homes, and he mentions that he really enjoys those moments. Is this the way a hook-up goes? If I’m being honest I loveee having sex with him and I don’t plan on stopping until he returns to his native country. I just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading if you made it this far <3